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Unmissable Dates for Your Diary

Attendees can expect a wide variety of workshops that cover a variety of topics. One way to keep workshops relevant is to frame them in terms of teaching and learning rather than edtech tools.

For example, a workshop on using Flipgrid might be called "Designing Energizing Discussion Opportunities with Flipgrid." This approach keeps the focus on teaching and learning and makes it clear to faculty why the tool is valuable.

1. InnoXera 2022

The world’s leading education technology show, GESS Dubai, is holding its fifth edition. It is a global event and aims to provide solutions for the future of education and learning. The summit is focusing on highlighting the latest trends and technologies in the field of smart learning. It is being organized and principally sponsored by Classera, a pioneering elearning platform. This year, the event is highlighting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to promote digital transformation in education. This is in line with the country’s vision 2030 of advancing its technology sector.

The event also features workshops and keynote speeches from prominent figures such as Jaye Richards-Hill the Director of Education Industry for Central, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa at Microsoft, Maen AlQatamin Founder and CEO of EntreViable and Sam Tayan Managing Director of Zoom in Egypt.

2. EduTech CIO Summit

Technology is becoming increasingly important in teacher training and the development of students. This conference brings together leaders in education technology to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the field. It also offers networking opportunities and showcases innovative solutions to the challenges faced by schools and districts.

This event is an opportunity for school administrators to network with peers from across the country and learn from their successes. The program includes keynote presentations, panel debates, roundtable discussions and facilitated private meetings.

Educators and EdTech leaders from across the nation will gather at this conference to discuss ways to improve student achievement through the use of technology. The event will provide attendees with a variety of resources and strategies to help them implement new technologies into their classrooms.

3. Global edTech summits

Attending global edTech summits is an important way to keep up with the latest trends in education technology and stay ahead of the curve. These conferences offer insights from thought leaders in the field, as well as networking opportunities with fellow educators and entrepreneurs.

EdTech summits bring together industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs committed to building edtech solutions that deliver high-quality learning experiences. Through keynotes, panel discussions, and a range of other formats, they highlight innovations and trends that are driving the future of learning.

Educators should attend FETC to learn from industry experts and stay current with new technologies, best practices and pressing issues. It’s a one-of-a-kind yearly gathering that provides the ideas, perspectives and connections necessary to develop successful strategies and partnerships, capitalize on technological change and transform how the world learns.

4. Education technology workshops

Education technology is changing the way teachers learn and teach. The use of new technologies in educational settings is helping educators to connect with students around the world. Education technology workshops can help educators become better equipped to use these new tools and services.

FETC is an annual conference that brings together educators, administrators, and technology experts to explore innovative solutions. The event offers a variety of sessions, workshops, and vendors to help attendees discover the latest technology and learn best practices for their classrooms and schools.

Ideacon is another large EdTech event that takes place in Palm Springs each year. It is smaller in scale than FETC and TCEA but features top-tier speakers and more intimate sessions. It’s also an excellent opportunity to network with fellow educators and industry partners.

5. EdTech webinars

For teachers, online training is a necessity and webinars are one of the most convenient ways to learn. But not every webinar is created equal. Here are a few tips to help you find the best ones for you:

Webinars should be between 30 and 40 minutes long to ensure that teachers do not miss out on valuable information due to time constraints. The more engaging a webinar is, the better. This improves constructive discussions in the chat sections and enhances participants’ understanding of the topic.

Attending edTech conferences also helps you build your network by meeting industry professionals. Many events offer networking opportunities like company reverse pitches and one-on-one speed date networking. These are great for networking with recruiters and getting a job in the field.