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The Classroom Essentials - A Guide to Elementary School Supplies

As kids reach the upper elementary grades, their school supplies needs get a bit more complicated. Besides the basic staples like notebooks and pencils, students will also need organizational supplies such as folders, subject dividers, and binders.

Crayons are preferred over markers or pens for elementary school art supplies as they give more attractive and permanent look to paintings. Kiln stilts are also important for art classes as they help the kids to create different shapes on paper easily.


Pencils are a necessity for children to write and take notes with. Look for pencils that sharpen easily and are durable for the classroom.

Index cards are useful for students and teachers to make notes with, or to use as flashcards. Also, a set of washable markers helps keep hands clean in the classroom and can be used for whiteboard teaching. A wet wipes kit is essential in the classroom to help prevent the spread of germs and keep hands clean.

A self-inking date stamp makes grading papers faster and easier. A jobs bulletin board can encourage students to work hard and learn responsibility. A paper cutter is a great tool for the classroom to cut paper and cardstock. A JanSport Superbreak backpack can be used to transport school supplies and books around campus.


The availability and use of notebooks are important classroom essentials, especially for younger students. They are used to take notes in class, and teachers may have them use them for writing assignments and assessments.

In addition to being an instructional tool, notebooks can be a meaningful way for students to demonstrate learning. This can be done by incorporating various pedagogical patterns into notebooks, transforming them from static, passive learning environments into ones that actively engage students with course content.

As students move into the upper elementary grades, school supply lists get more specialized. For example, they might need to bring a lunch box, folders for transporting work and notebooks that are wider-ruled. Teachers also recommend that they have a paper cutter on hand for cutting and preparing supplies.

Art Materials

Art is a powerful tool that helps students develop a range of skills, and teachers often use it to link their subject areas. For example, a lesson focusing on the Stone Age could be linked to art activities such as cave painting or building houses from clay.

Having plenty of basic supplies is essential for any classroom. But teachers also need other items to make their jobs easier and help kids learn. Paper towels, a large container of hand sanitizer and staples are all great additions to any teacher’s supply bag.

This pencil control pattern workbook is an easy way for kids to practice how to hold a pen or pencil. And a roll of colorful card stock is perfect for creating displays or completing arts and crafts projects.

Classroom Furniture

Classroom furniture plays a key role in creating a comfortable environment for students to concentrate and learn. Including a variety of flexible seating options and tables to support different learning styles, teachers can help all students feel engaged and empowered with their classroom setup.

Some examples include Node chairs, which allow students to swivel comfortably and shift focus in the class. Verb tables offer a more individualized work surface that improves sight lines, promotes collaboration and defines personal space. Modern study carrels allow students to break into small groups to solve problems.

Other useful classroom supplies can include command hooks to hang coats, backpacks and scarves. And a whiteboard marker with fast-drying, water-based ink is important for keeping the classroom clean and organized. It also prevents smearing and fading.

Educational Toys

Educational toys contribute to effective learning by encouraging children's curiosity, creativity and problem-solving skills from an early age. These toys also teach kids how to handle and express their emotions in healthy ways, which is an important skill for life.

Miscellaneous items like paper towels, hand sanitizer and a staple remover are needed for clean-ups during breaks or arts and crafts. If your school uses notebooks with spiral binding, you'll want to purchase a couple boxes of those. A heavy-duty stapler is a must for bulletin boards, printable books and more. If you're looking to splurge, opt for one that punches 40 papers at once. Lastly, you'll need some Scotch tape to help repair tears in book pages and other unexpected mishaps. It's available in a variety of colors, so you can match it to your classroom decor.